Ribbon Type and Application

Ribbon is very important materials when printing, in general, the quality of the ribbon will determine the lifetime of the print head, but also related to the printing quality. A good quality ribbon can protect the print head, the colour can be accurately attached to the top of the paper, is not easy to spread or fall off. Ribbon can simply classify into the following four categories:

  • Wax ribbon
  • Wax and carbon as the main raw materials. Wax ribbon is the most economical and inexpensive ribbon, its mainly used for general printing paper. Wax ribbon must be noted that the matching with paper materials, it does not suitable to apply on the smooth surface such as a mirror or PET material products.

  • Resin ribbon
  • If you must print the information requirements of high temperature, solvents resistant, or for the chemical product packaging, it is recommended to use resin ribbon. Resin ribbon can achieve the above requirements, but this ribbon price is relatively high, and also it need to match the printing materials to achieve the best printing result.

  • Wax / Resin mixed ribbon
  • Mixed with wax and resin as the main material. It mainly use for smooth surface material, the product surface more stringent requirements, such as consumption product label, its performance is a combination of the above advantages of the two ribbon made.

  • Resin for washable carelabel
  • Excellent scratch resistance, smear, and resistance to alcohol and other chemical properties; resistance to washing, it still maintain a clear image after detergent (including dry-cleaning mode) and washing, an excellent quality after 150 ℃ high temperature ironing.
To ensure the best performance, please use the following environmental requirements, transport and storage of ribbon.
Operation environment: 5 ℃ -35 ℃, 45% -85% relative humidity
Transportation environment: -5 ℃ -45 ℃, 20% -85% relative humidity, not more than 1 month
Storage environment: -5 ℃ -40 ℃, 20% -85% for storage, not more than 1 year
Note: the ribbon exposed to direct sunlight and humid environment will cause ribbon damage.

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