Label Sticker

Label Type and Application

  • Semi-Gloss label
  • Materials used for the barcode printer, and its thickness is generally around 80g. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines. Brands in the US Avery Fasson paper, and Japan prince paper reflects the best quality, especially Avery Fasson, its ultra-smooth uncoated white paper, very suitable for thermal transfer printing. 

  • Direct Thermal label
  • Paper coated with heat-sensitive materials, high sensitivity facestock applicable for low voltage printhead, and thus decrease the consumption of printhead. Direct Thermal label is devoted to electronic scale, or POS casher. The easiest way to test direct thermal paper, with a nail scratch on the paper, it will leave a black mark. Direct Thermal label is suitable for refrigerator and freezer. However, the paper information blurred slowly as time goes by.

  • Fasson Thermal Transfer label
  • Thermal Transfer label is developed specifically for the barcode label printers printing. Smooth matte surface coating is suitable for a variety of high-resolution, high-density barcode printing. Wax ribbon or Wax Resin mixed ribbon are suitable. 

  • PET
  • It is a polymer material. PET color common with matte silver, matte white, gloss white or transparent. Thickness divided by 25 um, 50 um and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements. PET label is excellent with good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high temperature, it is widely used in a variety of special products, such as cell phones, computer monitors, air conditioning compressors. In addition, PET paper has good natural biodegradable.
Avery Dennison Fasson
Farson is the self-adhesive materials brand of Avery Dennison Group. • Avery Dennison Group is the inventor of stickers, and also the world\'s largest suppliers of self-adhesive label stickers. Adhesive labels are widely used in consumer products (such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other product labels), variable information printing labels (such as direct thermal, thermal transfer barcode printer labels).

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